The results of any pathogen testing in ticks should not guide disease diagnoses and treatment. Tick testing has limitations.  A negative result does not mean the pathogen is not there, it may be below the level of detection and it doesn’t mean that you still can’t get sick.  A positive test does not mean that the tick passed any pathogens to you, just that there was the potential for exposure.  See your healthcare provider if you develop flu-like symptoms or a rash within 30 days of a tick bite or develop symptoms after known exposure to tick infested areas.

TickCheck Tick Testing
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Eco Laboratory
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Tick Report
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Clongen Labs
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Michigan Lyme Disease Association
If you are bitten by a tick, live in Michigan and can’t afford to have the tick tested, please contact the MLDA for assistance.

The State of Michigan offers free tick identification or submit photo to:

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