Reason For The Survey
The Michigan Lyme Disease Association is conducting an informal survey designed to assist us in finding out basic information on residents in Michigan who may have contracted Lyme Disease or one of the other tick-borne illnesses. This helps us to establish support group, educational events and focus on research in those areas.

Why conduct a survey?
Although this survey is not meant to be a scientific research study, it will help the MLDA track possible clusters of Lyme Disease cases. This is an important step in helping us focus on potential “hot spots” in Michigan that would otherwise take years to find, without this kind of information. We are asked on a regular basis how many people in specific counties have Lyme Disease.

Why should you participate?
Only with 100% response can we get an accurate count of the possible distribution of cases in Michigan. When we all take this participation to heart, then we can get down to serious research and education in our state. Yes, responding to this survey will have a direct effect on you and our progress against Lyme Disease.

Who will benefit?
Everyone will benefit. The more we know about Lyme Disease in Michigan, the closer we are in curbing the spread of this devastating disease.

Who should complete the form?
Anyone who has been treated or diagnosed as having Lyme Disease or one of the other tick-borne illnesses. Even if you were treated for a Lyme Rash, we want to hear from you. If you are no longer on treatment we still need to hear from you.

Do you have any questions about this form?
We will be happy to assist you in completing the form over the phone. Just call our toll free number 1-888-784-Lyme(5963). Remember we need to hear from you even if you are no longer on treatment or do not have active symptoms.

Your responses will be kept confidential and will not be released from the Michigan Lyme Disease Association. We encourage you to copy and share this survey with others. Remember this is an ongoing project. You can check our website for the updated map or call and request a copy.

Together we can all make a difference.

Linda Lobes
Michigan Lyme Disease Association